Emu Valley Newsletter – October 2015

  • Date: 20th February 2016

Chairman’s Report

To say the busy season for EVRG has commenced is somewhat of an understatement. The hospitality booking sheet is fast filling up, organised tours keep coming in, we have our first cruise ship for the season on 25th October and general visitor numbers seem to be pretty good. It is this last group I would like to touch on.

Over the past few weeks I have been asking visitors where they are from and many tell me various past of Tasmania, which is great. What surprised me is the small number of visitors from our own region (excluding our opening day on the 12th September). So let's try and get the message out there locally ---- EVRG is a must see! If you have any suggestions about marketing our name locally or for that matter anywhere please pass your sugges-tions on to either the office or myself (geoffreywood@me.com / 0427722060).

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