ARS Victoria Newsletter – September 2009

  • Date: 9th February 2016


It has been a relatively quiet time for the last 2 months with not much happening. We had an outing to Leongatha flower show. The vireya group meeting was to see Olive Howard’s garden, a beautiful garden with spectacular views and a wide range of exciting plants. Unfortunately both outings were poorly attended. It would be really nice to see a few more turn up. For the Friday evening meetings, I gave the July talk on liliums and Barry Stagoll gave the August talk on his trip to Yunnan China. Both meetings were reasonably attended.

Alan Walker has been very ill with a serious arm infection caused by a slight altercation with a rose bush he was trying to prune. He is now slowly on the mend after a very long time in hospital. We hope he continues to improve and eventually makes a full recovery. Clearly rose bushes are dangerous things, safer to stick to rhododendrons – no thorns.

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