ARS Victoria Newsletter – October 2016

  • Date: 21st October 2016
  • author: Graham Price


The Project now has three members; Graham Price, Daren Hynes and Ray Weeks. However, because of my anticipated unavailability over the next 3 months several more members are needed so that pollen collection can continue smoothly as flowers open over Spring. If you are interested please contact me:
• The main effort at pollen collection and crossing is conducted on alternate Tuesdays at Olinda when the volunteer group is there. We work for a couple of hours before and after 12 noon when the temperature in the Vireya House is highest and ripe pollen is flowing from anthers.
• So far, we have collected and stored pollen from 17 species and have made 14 crosses (see the table below). Several seed pods from the crossings are developing nicely.
• Some strategic thinking is needed in assessing suitable species for hybridising, especially in regard to their susceptibility to diseases such as rust. We are beginning to assemble such information from experienced collectors and breeders.

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