ARS Victoria Newsletter – March 2008

  • Date: 9th February 2016


Welcome to my second report, though I use the word report with my tongue in my cheek. It is more like a rambling dialogue than a report, hence no capital letter at the beginning of the word, report. Please bear with me in my attempt to become a reporter.

A small group of members enjoyed the annual Australia Day barbecue at Olinda. The weather was mild after a couple of warm days and it was relaxing sitting under the trees enjoying a glass of wine and chatting. I like these barbecues, the ladies get to sit, sip and chat while the fellas do the cooking. Of course we ladies have to do the preparation both before and after the barbie, but hey, you can’t have it all ways.

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Saturday 17th and 18th August, Mount Waverley Community Centre, 47 Miller Cresent, Mt Waverley, Victoria

Waverley Garden Club and Camellias