ARS Victoria Newsletter – July 2012

  • Date: 10th February 2016


This Presidents Report outlines some of the activities taking place at the Olinda Gardens, within the Society and being carried out by the committee.

The Gardens are looking lovely at the moment. All the good rain we have had over the last couple of years has led to strong growth and I am looking forward to a bumper flowering season. The years of work on Tuesdays by Elizabeth, Prue and Alan have the rock garden in very good shape. While the planting work of Laurie, Michael, Alan and Tom continues to improve the garden. The Parks Victoria staff, especially Wally, Dan and now Tex led by Glenn are doing a terrific job and are very supportive of what the ARS are doing. The current relationship between Parks Victoria and the ARS is very cordial, co-operative and constructive. This makes any time spent in the garden a great pleasure.

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