ARS Victoria Newsletter – January 2015

  • Date: 10th February 2016


This president’s report will be just a brief précis of events we have held in the last few months, an outline of things we plan for the next few months and the usual plea for contact from members with ideas for events or visits the Society could run that would interest.

As you can tell, given that I am writing another presidents report, I have been allowed the privilege of running for another term as your president. This role really is a privilege and not in the least bit like hard work. The reason is that the committee I am fortunate to work with is exceptional. The committee is a fantastic blend of energy, experience and enthusiasm. You need only look at last years National Convention where Prue Crome, Andrew Rouse and Michael Hare did all the hard work. The results of this hard work was an excellent meeting, with a very well attended public talk given by George Argent and Frederic Danet at the Mueller Hall, a conference at Olinda, a very pleasant conference dinner and tours of three excellent gardens at Mt Macedon.

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