ARS Tasmania Newsletter – August 2018

  • Date: 3rd August 2018
  • author: Lesley Gillanders


...When at last I came home from hospital I eagerly looked at the garden and found that winter was here. There are two plants of Daphne bholua with their sweetly scented flowers open. One plant is in full sun and has quite a few yellow leaves. Ken says it should be in more shade but it does not stop it flowering. We have Daphne 'Perfume Princess' in the front garden. It is a hybrid of D.odora rubra and D.bholua and has been in flower for several weeks.

There is a plant of an interesting shrub from South Africa in the front garden. It is Adenandra uniflora, a small shrub with white flowers the size of a ten cent coin. It is sometimes call "China Flower" due to the brilliant shining surface of the petals. There is a thin red line on the petals and the reverse is flushed pink. Correa reflexa 'Annabel' is covered in delightful pink reflexed blooms. It grows well in a rather dry spot not far from a large Eucalypt.

There are a few early flowers on Tecophila cyanocrocus. The intense deep blue flowers contrast brilliantly with the bright yellow Eranthis hyemalis which are beside them. Along the edge of the drive is a plant of Erica glauca elegans. An interesting plant from South Africa known as "Petticoat Erica" after the shape of the pink and white flowers. It is in rather a dry spot and has survived there for a few years.

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