ARS Tasmania Newsletter – August 2015

  • Date: 10th February 2016

IN MY GARDEN by Lesley Gillanders

When we experience a bright sunny day as we have today, it is easy to delude ourselves that we are not in the middle of winter and we have the cold month of August ahead of us. In this new garden at Kingston ( three and a half years) we have discovered that we are in a frost hollow at the lower end of the surrounding hilly streets as the cold settles each night. Many gardeners have had frosty nights
lately and we have never experienced so many. A small number of plants have been severely burnt off and we hope some will recover. Our two 2m high plants of Cantua buxifolia look rather brown and dropping their leaves. Ken says they should shoot again.

On the bright side two plants of Daphne bholua have covered themselves with their intensely fragrant flowers. Another plant is near some Betula and not growing well as the roots of the Silver Birch are surface feeding and it is difficult to establish anything under mature trees.

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Saturday 17th and 18th August, Mount Waverley Community Centre, 47 Miller Cresent, Mt Waverley, Victoria

Waverley Garden Club and Camellias