ARS Tasmania Newsletter – April 2013

  • Date: 10th February 2016

IN MY GARDEN by Lesley Gillanders

An early morning storm of crashing thunder and lightning woke us up in mid February. We lay awake in our cosy cocoon listening with relief to the 10ml of rain soaking into the parched garden before we drifted back into dreamland for another hour or two. Later when we went out into the garden it looked fresh and moist. The creek had a good flow of water rushing through it and over the small waterfall before disappearing into the drain which runs under the road. A few hours later there was only a tiny trickle left as the creek relies on run-off from  the few houses above us which are on the side of the hill.

The past summer saw us enjoying a succession of colours as several Lilium  produced their lovely blooms at the same time as the Rigidella and Crocosmia  flowers.

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