ARS Southern Tasmania Newsletter – September 2017

  • Date: 5th September 2017
  • author: Lesley Gillanders


As I write these notes, I am enjoying an afternoon of partial sunshine on a cold 9 degree day with snow on the mountain. A good day to be inside and admire the garden while looking through the windows as the sun alternates with the showers of rain. It is obvious Spring is on the way as we can see many flowers in the garden.

In what we call the bulb garden near the greenhouse, the purple of Iris reticulata, blue of I.r.'Harmony', and pale bluish-green I.r.'Katherine Hodgkin' contrast with the white of our newest purchase of I.r.'Natasha'. The general colour of Crocus tommasinianus is a soft pale blue sometimes a deeper blue. The corms readily increase by divisions but also with the copious amount of seed they set. There are many variations in colours produced from raising the seed. We have a tight group of C.t.alba which has made quite a bright white clump. A new purchase we have is Crocus t.'Ruby Giant' with deep reddish blooms.

Tropaeolum brachyceris is a climber which belongs to the Nasturtion family but Ken has it in a large pot and it looks quite happy. The bright yellow flowers are prolific and the frosts we have experienced have not affected the growth. Cyclamen coum are at the peak of their flowering time with their dumpy little blooms of white, pink or red. At the front of the house is an unusual little bulb - Scoliopsis bigelowii. This little bulb belongs in the Lily family and is similar to a small Trillium.

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